• Name of the Event: MozPunjab 2016
  • Venue: Gulzar Group of Institute , Ludhiana- Punjab, India
  • Date: 17-02-2016(Thu) & 18-02-2016(Fri)
  • Hashtag: # MozPunjab #GrowPunjab
  • Time: 9:30 – 16:00


09:30AM to 1:00PM Introductory Session

2:00PM to 3:45PM Practical session


9:30AM to 3:45PM workshop

Guest Invitees:

  • Dyvik Chenna (MozReps , Hyderabad)
  • Deepak Sarswat (Community lead, Punjab)

We were invited by Gulzar group of institute to make the student about the world of open source and make them enough confident to start contributing with some practical exposure.

I and Dyvik both were continuously in contact with each other to discuss each and every matter that is to be delivered at the event. We were all set for the event and Dyvik reached on the same day morning in Punjab while I reached at 9:30. Almost every chair in the hall was booked and students were eagerly waiting for the session to be started.


“Sat-Sri-A-Kal Everyone” with this Dyvik commenced the very first day of MozPunjab.

Dyvik explained about what actually Mozilla is and most precisely cleared the misconception that Mozilla is just a browser. Mozilla mission and vision are made cleared and all the scope of what a student can do to contribute in Mozilla.

Many other products of Mozilla were explained to them. Some of them are:-

  • Firefox
  • Thimble
  • X-ray Goggle
  • Lightbeam
  • App Maker and many other areas were also covered.

Then I explained them about the community and how it works. What is the hierarchy of the FSA program and tried to satisfy the people by answering the most obvious question asked by the newbies, “What is the benefit of joining the Mozilla Community?”


And the best part while answering this question is that it covered all the doubts of people and at the same time encouraged them to join the community and to contribute. And before the lunch time when I asked the students that how many of you really wanted to contribute in the community there was no single person who didn’t raised his/her hand.

During the Lunch students were coming to us but this time most of them were from non-computer stream and were asking that they want to contribute but they are not a so called computer guy.

So after the Lunch in our next session Dyvik started by explaining what a non-techy person can do and how. Then some fun activities were carried out. Few LOGICAL JOKES were cracked.

Then we asked few question like:

  • What is free basic?
  • What do you mean by digital rights?
  • How Google earn?

Students were explained how is the world of internet works and how we people are converted into products and what are the possible ways of securing the web and our digital rights.

Then we even discussed the common problem faced by the students and all the possible reason that is hampering the productivity of the students.


We then handover the mike to each and every person who attended the seminar and the response of the student really filled us with joy and then we had few group photograph.

And we moved directly to see the scared martyrdom of the 2 son of Sikh Guru Gobind Singh i.e. FatehGarh Sahib. The first day was day of success but at the end of day we both were tired like as if we completed cross country marathon.


DAY 2:-


The day two welcome us with sweet surprise as more than 50 new attendees where joined. So what we did is divided the group into two groups one of them were sent into lab along with Dyvik and rest were with me in the seminar hall. I briefly revised all about the Mozilla and the reason why everyone should join. Then I carried the session forward by giving them practical demo of X-ray Goggle, Thimble, App-maker, popcorn maker and also explained few basics of how to start writing a blog, how to make few custom changes in a template that are required often.

And side by side queries of the student were solved.

I was informed that I have consumed half of the break time allotted to the student.

Break time..!!!!

Soon after lunch times all students were gathered in the seminar hall itself. We then started few fun activities. They were given chance to come to the front and speak on anything concerned they want to. Few came up with new and exciting ideas that really fascinated me. Swags are given to every of the student who came to the front. Then we even had one who sang a Punjabi song for us. And we then call 20 students who want to be the part of main club team of “Mozilla GGI”.

I was really happy to see the girls coming up with great confidence. We even had group photographs and cheered for everyone.


I really enjoyed with the crowd of GGI. And both the day was great fun.

MozCoffee Punjab 2015

Date: 18/11/2015

Venue: Chandigarh University

Event: MozCoffee Punjab

strength of FSA: 25+

The Contribution Pathway Punjab 2015 really helped contributors to know each other and motivated them to work as a team and for a cause. This MozCoffee 2015 is the proof that we are for the open web, we are here to learn, to teach and we are Mozillians….!!!!!!

Enter a caption

Points Discussed at the event:

  • Welcoming new FSA.
  • Guiding them about the areas they can contribute and clearing their doubts regarding this.
  • Helping New clubs to form.
  • Discussing about the Further actions to be taken.
  • Sharing Experience of people.
  • Participation of more female Contributors.


Around 11:30 we reached the Campus and without wasting much time I went to the seminar hall where the students from different semesters and collage were sitting. I greet them all and a small introductory session was carried. I can see that everyone where excited as much of them were recently joined the community. Few students who were not able to come to the venue from Patiala where with us through hangout. We started talking about the principle reason of arranging such get together as I mentioned earlier most of them were completely new members of Mozilla community and very eager to know about Mozilla.


A short presentation was given to them and then their doubts were cleared. We discussed about the various ways one can contribute in Mozilla by Coding, Testing, Writing, Teaching, Helping and Localizing.

We talked on the topic what role can one play to expand the community in Punjab. We came out with ideas like reaching more and more collages and conducting Mozilla Introductory session so that more people can join and learn and can finally be part of Mozilla Community. To establish a geolocation task force in Punjab for that we introduced students with Firefox Stumbler. The feeling of earning more points than the other can be clearly seen in everyone face.


We even came with the points of strengthening girls in the community so we had discussed with girls in the meetup to interact with more girls and encourage them to join the community and learn as well as teach other.

For the new FSA’s who were frequently facing problems we decided to form a google group where any FSA can put their doubts or ideas to the community. We are also on building a community website and an app.


We finally took group Photographs and wrapped of the meetup. We will be organizing such meeting every month.


Contribution Pathway Punjab 2015 (Pre Event Blog)


To all those who have been far away from us for a while and for those who want to be with us for a mile………A warm welcome to Mozilla Community…..

We on the behalf of Mozilla are greatly elated to bring in front of you the first ever overnight app development program, the HACKATHON in your region….This event will be a two day Mozilla workshop+Mozillians Meet up. On the first day i.e 16th October 2015, there will be a workshop which will focus more on interaction rather than a one way lecture. This will be followed by the Hackathon session that will be for an approximate of 8-9 hours.

Next day, we will have a simple get together and discuss about the outcome of the event and the plan of action for the future collaborations of the students with Mozilla and how can one contribute to it.

This event will not only give you experience and exposure, but rather it will give you some memories and friends to cherish for your lifetime which will give birth to a stride of enthusiasm and urge to learn and work.

The following is the precised event agenda:

Day1 (Morning)

9:00am-9:30[latest by 10am] Registration

10:00am-11:00am Mozilla’s Mission and FOSS

11:00am-11:45am Intro to Projects


12:00pm-3:30pm Talks and HOW to kickstart with the interested area.

3:40pm-4:30pm People come back and have a FirefoxOS Device Demo.+Mozilla Location service.

5:00pm group photo and swag distribution

Day 1(Night)

Hackthon begins from 9pm and continues to 6am next day

1.Registration for hackathon starts at 6:30-8:00

2.Deep Dive in firefox OS Architecture and Dev Tools9:00-9.30

3.Introduction to Web APIs,Web Sockets 9:30-10:15

4.Introduction to Marketplace 10:15 to 10.30

5.Hackathon from 10.30pm to 5.30am

6.Selection of top apps

7.Prize Distribution

Day 2

Community meetup to collect feedback about the event.

Make a proper plan for the onboarding calls to take place.

Getting more participation from the students of nearby colleges


  1. Participants are free to attend any of the event : Contribution Event (Morning), Hackathon (Over Night), Meetup(2nd day Morning) or all.
  2. Students can participate in team as well as individual in the Hackathon.
  3. Please fill up the participation Form :  Here
  4. Only selected student will be allowed to attend overnight Hackathon.
  5. Participants will be provided light refreshment but for food they have to pay by their own.
  6. Participants must bring their own laptop with them.

Hoping to see you all soon at the event venue.

Any queries, please contact :

1.) Deepak Sarswat(Mozillian):– 09023211809

2.) Mrinal Jain (Mozilla Rep – India) : – 08871384191

3.) Sumantro Mukharjee (Mozilla Rep – India) :

Contribution Pathway Punjab 2015


Contribution Pathway Punjab was a event conducted by Mozilla India in a prominent university of Punjab i.e. Desh Bhagat University, Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab but Before i let you know more about the Contribution Pathway Punjab 2015, I would like to present some statistical data of the event:

No. of days of event: 2 ( 16th and 17th Oct 2015)

No. of MozReps arrived: 2 (Sumantro Mukharjee and Mrinal Jain)

No. of participation form filled: 350+

No. of attendees : 300+

No. of  collages\university participated: 5

No. of Mozilla Developer Account created along with projects: 19+ (still growing)

I along with many other student of our university joined the Mozilla community last year in Nov-2014 at that time Mozilla Community Punjab has few contributors doing very well like Sanjeev Soni and Abhishek Thakur, but after completing their degree in the university the Mozilla community starts fading away, students started asking me we have joined Mozilla but what next. I tried to contact with the other mozillan of Punjab but i strongly feel the need of uniting the mozillians and then i put my problem in front of Mrinal Jain and asked help regarding the Community Building in Punjab. There came THE CONTRIBUTION PATHWAY PUNJAB 2015.

1st day  [16-10-2015]

My day started early in the morning at 6:00am with the arrival of Sumantro Mukharjee and Mrinal Jain at the university. They travelled all the nights without sleeping and were looking tired, i was wondering will they able to take the session but they said one Red Bull is enough to make me wake up for another night as well.

I reached at the collage reception at 9:00am and was amazed to see large number of student demanding the participation forms for the event, we set up a registration desk and student started filling.

21687559213_a033070d3d_z 22120827480_1263267d05_z

Students from other departments of our university like BCA, MCA, MSCIT, BSCIT, BTech were coming and even students of other collages were approaching. No. of participation Forms filled exceeds more than 250 now was making me bit nervous as we have capacity of maximum 200 students in the seminar hall.

12091249_985771938153236_262509264814345660_o  22118329889_f05648124a_z

As soon as Sumantro and Mrinal arrived at the registration desk they became fascinated seeing at few students making rangoli of Mozilla.

12095048_985766651487098_6012590717965650347_o  safe_image

Everything was ready now students were waiting for the arrival of our Pro-chancellor and our Registrar and soon they arrived and the session was commenced by Khyathi Reddy, She welcomed all the students, faculties and the speakers. Then mike was given to me and i shared my experience of how i get in to the Mozilla and what i am for.

22292407632_18d1891149_k  22275591486_076209f0ac_z  22279232366_705405b3d6_z

Without wasting much time Sumantro and Mrinal took the lead and they explained the following:

  1. What is Mozilla Firefox
  2. Products of Mozilla
  3. What is Open Source
  4. Who are Mozillians
  5. What Mozillians do?
  6. Goals and Vision
  7. Explained scope of both code lovers and non-tech contribution in Mozilla
  8. Firefox OS
  9. HTML5
  10. Demo of apps and website that can be made using HTML5
  11. About Firefox Student Ambassador Program
  12. About SUMO
  13. And many other things…

They were frequently asking questions to the attendees and all were presenting their views, Students were raising doubts which are cleared by Sumantro and Mrinal so well that students smile at the end of every explanations.

dobutclear  fkajsdlf

I  even explained them about the way Community works and motivated to join the community and contribute in it. Everyone assured they will. The cool demos shown by Sumantro and Mrinal like gesture controlled games and website blown everyone mind and all were asking can we build such cool stuffs. Sumantro Promised them that after  the end of 2nd day event u will be able to make small such project but latter on you will be able to develop such stuff.

22116564688_f6b86b9ce4_z  22118575789_ccd3079136_z

We even provided a sheet to all where they can write students who have clearly decided in what type of contribution they want to do. Sheet was divided into two half:

  • Technical
  • Non-Technical

And the ratio of students joined technical and non-technical was in ratio 60:40.

Break was announced and everyone was supposed to move out for lunch. But students and faculties are still coming up with question, Sumantro and Mrinal were clearing doubts of all and the curiosity among all was awesome. People are approaching me and saying, “Bro, we seriously want to get in it. Please guide us and my friends were not able to come today they also want such session”. I promised them that every interested one will get all the help and guidance from the Mozilla community.

22280422106_c635347eb3_z 22295658432_b6567c8aa6_z

Break was just of 1 hour and 45 min of which was utilized clearing doubts then I took Sumantro, Mrinal , and a faculty from Chandigarh University to our university restaurant and had lunch. Durring Lunch we were discussing on various matter like need of conducting more such session, Sumantro and Mrinal were happy seeing the hunger of learning and contributing in students but due to lack of propper guidance they are deprived of opportunity. Professor from CU also said he want such session in our university also as not all students were able to come for the event. We completed our lunch and rushed to the seminar hall.

Students were waiting for us in seminar hall. Again they were made cleared that what they will learn in Technical group and in non-technical group. Then FireFox devices were shown to the students. Everyone just loved that. They asked us many question and were very happy to know about the device. Then Sumantro conducted small quiz round and the one who answer the question was prized with swags.

12110005_985766791487084_1596648002320255321_o  22115527020_cda1189d76_z

Now  students were taken to the lab in one lab Sumanto was taking technical group and in other Mrinal was taking non-technical group. I was in Technical group were Sumantro started by teaching. He explained following:

  1. HTML5
  2. How to convert a website into a HTML5 app by adding manifest file
  3. Firefox OS
  4. How to simulate webapps.

21681257523_b4f5f05b50_z  22115532109_e8460257f6_z

Mrinal on other hand explained how to contribute in SUMO and even teach basic HTML and CSS to the student so well that they came like now i want to be a web developer.

At the end of First day every student were given task to make some remixes and bring it on the next day. After clearing the doubts of students we finished the day 1 session. And we were all taking now photographs and were sharing thoughts about the events.

All the students departed, and those who were from other collages were given rooms in hostels. I, Alankrit, Mrinal and Sumantro had lot of discussion regarding the future agenda of the community plan of action and all. We then stumbled and moved to a dhaba and had typical punjabi style food. Getting back to our rooms sumantro and Mrinal showed me pics of their previous event and he also explained various things about the Mozilla India Community, its Hierarchy and way of working. I even played a gesture game which sumantro has made and was truly awesome. I was tired so i went to sleep at 2pm night.

Day 2 [17-10-2015]

The 2nd day of the event started with a bad news that the roads are blocked and no Public transportation is running. Students were calling me and saying that they wont be able to come as the roads are completely blocked. Still few students manage themselves to come for the event but they also said that it was risky.

The students were in labs by 11:00 and within no time Sumantro and Mrinal arrived. Mrinal started clearing the doubts of the students and then Sumantro introduced students about the GitHub and every students made their own GitHub account. Sumantro then explained students how they can make small application in html. Then the students whose projects were ready or about to be completed made their developer account. Students were really happy and proud of themselves.

2 00

At 15:00 we started taking photographs and had discussion about how to develop the community and can encourage contribution of others.

Mrinal and Sumantro left University for Delhi around 15:30 as they had planned meeting with the Mozpacers Delhi Community but unfortunately the meeting cannot be held.

I got very positive and motivating feedback from all my teachers, friends and attendees. All of them wanted to contribute for Mozilla. This what made this event a very successful and effective.


I would love to thank following for making this event successful:

  1. Desh Bhagat University
  2. Mrinal Jain
  3. Sumantro Mukharjee
  4. TPO department DBU
  5. CU Firefox Club
  6. Alankrit Saini
  7. Parshant, Paramjot, Khyathi.

Six Types Of Analyses Every Data Scientist Should Know

one must need to know this if you want to deal with number and people aiming growth of buisness

Data Scientist Insights

 NewImageJeffrey Leek, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, has identified six(6) archetypical analyses. As presented, they range from the least to most complex, in terms of knowledge, costs, and time. In summary,

  • Descriptive
  • Exploratory
  • Inferential
  • Predictive
  • Causal
  • Mechanistic

1. Descriptive (least amount of effort):  The discipline of quantitatively describing the main features of a collection of data. In essence, it describes a set of data.

– Typically the first kind of data analysis performed on a data set

– Commonly applied to large volumes of data, such as census data

-The description and interpretation processes are different steps

– Univariate and Bivariate are two types of statistical descriptive analyses.

Type of data set applied to: Census Data Set – a whole population

 Example: Census DataNewImage

2. Exploratory: An approach to analyzing data sets to find previously unknown relationships.


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Maker’s Party Punjab 2k14

The Maker’s Party Punjab added its name to a successful and contributing event in Mozilla.Below are the Few facts and Figure that i would like to present it to you:


Desh Bhagat University
Desh Bhagat University

Date of the event: 04/11/2014

Venue of event:   Desh Bhagat University,Mandi Gobindgarh,Punjab


  1. Deepak Sarswat
  2. Abhishek Thakur
  3. Bipin Karki
  4. Mohit Kakkar

Main aim behind conducting this event:

  • To make students familiar about the Open Source and Secure Web, Mozilla Firefox and its hot tool (Maker’s Tool) from which we can really do some cool  stuffs.
  • And to increase the 3 V’s of Mozilla Community Punjab i.e.
    • 1)Volume
    • 2)Variety
    • 3)Velocity

What we invested in this event:

  • 2 weeks of planning
  • 2 active working teams
  • Passion &
  • Devotion

Due to which we got this result:

  • 1st maker’s Party in Punjab
  • More than 100 students vists
  • 2 Moz Reps vist Chandan Baba(Jharkhand) , Santosh(Hyderabad)
  • 50+ new Mozilla Community Punjab Members in a day
  • A Foxy smile on everyone face

All it started after magical spell;
As the day of event was the same day of Tech Fest Carpedieum 2014 of our collage so more than 1k visitors were scattered in the whole campus.Still Mozilla the name can be heard aloud from the superimposing whispering sounds form the visitors.whereas in class increasing number of attendee was making me both nervous and excited.


Event rolled out like this:

1) Introduction to Mozilla
2) Mozilla’s Mission
3) Products of Mozilla
4)Introducing Webmaker tools: 1. X-Ray Goggles
2. Thimble
3. Popcorn Maker
4. App Maker


Santosh Vishwanathan started and captured the attention of all the attendee by making them aware of fascinating facts about Mozilla and Firefox.Few question were asked and responses from many candidates has break the barriers between the delivering and receiving end.The room was changing its mood frequently from laughs to amazement, silence to raised hands and so on.


Distributing the swags to the person who answered the question right had made students raise their doubts and also answer question asked to them.

After clearing the mission of Mozilla to “help millions of people move from using the web to making the web.” As part of Mozilla’s non-profit mission, Web-maker aims “to help the world increase their understanding of the web, take greater control of their online lives, and create a more web literate planet.”

fun participation
fun participation
practical session
practical session

Then Chandan Baba had the control and ran few fun activities having hidden knowledge about the Mozilla’s mission and various products.Students were learning and enjoying both at the same time.For me he seems to be a funny fox quiet clever and that is what Mozillians are.

Later on session carried out by Abhishek on WEBMAKER. What kind of role, That Mozilla revolving in web operations with tools like Thimble. Bipin Karki shared stories about how he came to be a mozillian.

I took a practical session on Google X-ray and Popcorn Maker and encouraged them to take first step as mozillian.


Later on Chandan Baba & Sajeev Soni handled the session by showing live demo in thimble, popcorn maker, app maker, x-ray goggles etc to newbies from our club. This event is aimed at introducing Mozilla App Maker; App Maker is a free, open source app authoring tool that lets you drag and drop individual components to build and share custom mobile apps right in your web browser. Thereafter encourage participants to develop a prototype application using Appmaker. Through this, participants will be led through some of the best practices of Mobile Apps Development and UI/UX Design.

We get many things from the attendee ,so we gave them swags,T-shirts as return gift.

Many pics were taken.

IMG_0142 IMG_0152


we support Mozilla
we support Mozilla


We enjoyed by practicing Punjabi dance style bhangra and meet with many other willing hands too…

The day bring out a energy in me which i will keep inducting on others as a mozillian.

I would love to thank following for their support to make this event so wonderful and open:
Santosh Vishwanathan
Chandan Baba
Sanjeev Soni
Bipin Karki
Abhishek Thakur
Mohit Kakkar
Kritika Thakur
Desh Bhagat University